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Environmental fate and transport investigations:
Petroleum, chemical and radiological releases

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Marco Kaltofen, PhD, PE (Civil, MA), C. NSE
2 Summer Street - Suite 14, Natick, MA 01760
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Not here? The data you want could be at:

Featured Government Data: June 28, 2017 Federal Climate Science Report (in full as a pdf)

Archived from the US EPA RadNet website

The files are radiation data reports (pdf) produced by EPA's National Analytical Radiation Environmental Laboratory (NAREL), which distributes Environmental Radiation Data (ERD) Reports quarterly. ERDs contain data from RadNet (previously known as ERAMS).

US EPA Preliminary Remediation Goals for residential soils

US EPA Enforcement actions: consent decrees

ATSDR/CDC toxicological profiles, assessments and MRLs

EPA Reports and Records of Decision (ROD) in pdf format

Chemical Hazard Summaries (Air pollutants)

Fracking and Fracking Chemicals

USDA agricultural data

USDA warnings: violations of federal regulations (redacted)

Greenhouse gas, climate data and reports

CO2 data

CO2 data

EPA Climate Change Indicators

  1. Acidity
  2. Antarctic sea ice
  3. Arctic sea ice
  4. Bird ranges
  5. Cherry blossoms
  6. Climate forcing
  7. Coastal flooding
  8. Cyclones
  9. Drought
  10. Glaciers
  11. GHG concentrations
  12. Global GHG conc.
  13. Great Lakes
  14. Growing seasons
  15. Heat deaths
  16. Heat illness
  17. Heating - cooling
  18. Heavy precip.
  19. High-low temps.
  20. Lake ice
  21. Land loss
  22. Leaf bloom dates
  23. Lyme
  24. Marine species
  25. Ocean heat
  26. Precipitation
  27. Ragweed
  28. River flooding
  29. River ice
  30. Sea level
  31. Sea surface temp.
  32. Snake River
  33. Snow cover
  34. Snowfall
  35. Snowpack
  36. Southwest
  37. Stream temp.
  38. Streamflow
  39. Temperature
  40. US GHG emissions
  41. West Nile
  42. Wildfires
  1. technical data
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  6. technical data
  7. technical data
  8. technical data
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  10. technical data
  11. technical data
  12. technical data
  13. technical data
  14. technical data
  15. technical data
  16. technical data
  17. technical data
  18. technical data
  19. technical data
  20. technical data
  21. technical data
  22. technical data
  23. technical data
  24. technical data
  25. technical data
  26. technical data
  27. technical data
  28. technical data
  29. technical data
  30. technical data
  31. technical data
  32. technical data
  33. technical data
  34. technical data
  35. technical data
  36. technical data
  37. technical data
  38. technical data
  39. technical data
  40. technical data
  41. technical data
  42. technical data

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