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Environmental fate and transport investigations:
Petroleum, chemical and radiological releases

Principal Investigator
Marco Kaltofen, PhD, PE (Civil, MA), C. NSE
2 Summer Street - Suite 14, Natick, MA 01760
(508) 314-9334 | mpkaltofen@gmail.com

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Marco Kaltofen, PhD, P.E.; President of Boston Chemical Data Corp., Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Registered Professional Civil, Engineer. Dr. Kaltofen is an environmental scientist with 30 years experience in environmental, workplace and product safety investigations. His research at WPI focuses on investigations into petroleum and nuclear releases. He has provided expert testimony and consulting as a chemist and as an engineer. Dr. Kaltofen's nuclear forensics work includes experience in the US, the Middle East, Russia, India, Japan and European Union countries. He is a native Dutch speaker and holds both US and European Union (Dutch) citizenship. Email

Co-Chair, Superfund Restoration Advisory Board - US Army Soldier Systems Command, Citizens Environmental Laboratory, founder; EPA Committee on National Accreditation of Environmental Laboratories; American Chemical Society, member; American Society of Civil Engineers, member; PhD from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (May 2105); Environmental Technology Education Center, founding boardmember; Metrowest Chamber of Commerce, member -

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Strong Bear is a 40-hour hazwoper certified environmental technician. Strong Bear is the manager of the field operations team and the Gulf Coast/BP Oil Spill contamination assessment group. Strongbear, (Paucunawaw Menaki), is a Natick Ponkapoag and a tribal member of the Massachuset Chipissuog Peantamoonk, (Praying Tribe).

Christine Schell is our office manager and vendor contact person.

Kim Symock is a technical documentation specialist. Ms. Symock is 40-hour hazwoper certified.


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